Back to College!

Study Time

Are you ready to get organized for College?

September sees the Universities and Institutes of Technology re-open and all of the third level students get back into action!
(Some for the first time)
The third level is very different from secondary school and it is very important that students get organized from the beginning to avoid problems later in the year
To start with get a planner to keep track of your lectures, classes, tutorials and project deadlines. Also, try to find out the key dates for your exams.
At your lectures remember to take notes and later on mark the notes with a highlighter. Try to put all of your lecture notes into a folder with headings to make it easier to revise later in the year.
A backpack is really important to carry your laptop, your notes and other things you will need every day going to college. You may want to consider getting a lock for your backpack to avoid having your laptop stolen.
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