Business Card (Waterproof)

QTY Price
250 single sided/double sided €76
500 single sided/double sided €82
1000 single sided/double sided €92


  • Single-sided & Double-sided
  • 450 g/m² chromo-sulfate board


  • Data format (incl. 2.00 mm bleed): 8.90 x 5.90 cm
  • Trimmed size: 8.50 x 5.50 cm

Data Info

  • Resolution at least 300 dpi for an original image size.
  • Include a surrounding trim of 2 mm, important information should be at least 4 mm from the edge of the final format size
  • Fonts must be completely embedded or converted to curves.
  • Colour Mode CMYK for any print
  • We will not check for spelling and/or typographical errors (if you provide a ready file).

Production Time

  • 10/15 working days

You can order by email: & through our contact form or phone our office to get more information.

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